Identifying Recruitment Fraud

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Recruiting Scams

ReSource Pro has recently attracted the attention of dishonest individuals who falsely claim to work for ReSource Pro and/or use our company’s name to advance fraudulent schemes against innocent people.  We became aware that such individuals are conducting interviews, making offers of employment, soliciting personal information and financial account details, or requesting home office equipment be ordered.

Please know that if you are a prospective or successful interview candidate, the ReSource Pro Talent team will contact you directly using an email address ending in,, or through one of our authorized recruiting firms.   We do not conduct company business via web-based email accounts such as, or personal email addresses, or by text message or instant messaging.  If you are contacted by a legitimate recruiting or placement agency, we will never ask you for your personal information or bank account details via email, nor would we ask that you order any home office equipment.

ReSource Pro is not involved in the scams listed above. While we routinely report such abuses to law enforcement agencies, due to the nature and volume of these scams, we cannot prevent the misuse of ReSource Pro’s name and the names of our employees.

What should you do?

Scams and other security risks are rampant on the Internet, and we recommend you take steps to protect yourself and the security of your information.

If you receive an email or phone call from someone claiming to be from, or represents ReSource Pro, we suggest that you:

  • Attempt to independently verify the legitimacy of the requester’s identity, including for example, by contacting ReSource Pro’s Career portal or by calling 1-888-577-7552
  • Do not send the requester any money
  • Do not give the caller any personal or financial information about yourself, for example, your identification, your bank accounts or credit card numbers
  • Report the fraudulent call to the police or other relevant authorities

In addition, if you receive a suspicious email referencing ReSource Pro or appearing to be from ReSource Pro (e.g. from a “spoofed” ReSource Pro email address, which does not end in,,, we suggest the following:

  • Do not open or click on any links contained in the email
  • Do not open or download any attachments to the email
  • Do not respond to the email in any way or provide any personal or confidential information in reply to the email
  • If applicable, forward the suspicious email to your email provider’s phish notification address (for example, and can be used to report phishing to Google)
  • Permanently delete the message from your email account
  • If you have concerns about the security of your computer or suspect the security of your computer has been compromised, we recommend you change your password, as well as contact your IT support team, computer manufacturer or Internet service provider.

In addition, you can report a potential e-mail, telephone or other scams to the relevant police or government authorities in your jurisdiction.  A few common authorities can be found below:

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